Welcome to San Rafael Suris, where we raise champion suri alpacas. Our ranch is located in the San Rafael Swell, surrounded by remnants of Utah’s incredible past.

From petroglyphs that transport their viewer back in time to the days of ancient American Indian inhabitants to a magnificently diverse display of desert beauty, the San Rafael Swell has it all. Home to towering mesas and stunning buttes rising up from the desert floor, this captivating area is the perfect landscape to showcase the majestic beauty of our full Peruvian champion alpacas.

Are you new to raising alpacas? We would love to teach you everything we know about raising them. Reach out using our contact page.

The Herd

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surfrider  qiviut




Michaella.png snowbelle Persuit.png




Heaven's Cent.png orbits-isilme-1 brownie

Heaven’s Cent

 Isilmë  Pippi


waasigan Minette.png



Raw Fleece, Fiber & Yarn Products

Tea Beans & Poo Brew

Alpaca poo is often referred to as “magic beans.” It looks like little brown beans, and is widely regarded as a rich soil conditioner and a fantastic plant food. Alpaca poo also appears to be a natural deer repellant.

Alpaca poo is an earth-friendly alternative to chemical fertilizers. It is biodegradable and sustainable due to alpaca’s low impact on their environments (learn more here)!

We sell alpaca poo in two forms: tea beans and poo brew. Tea Beans are dried alpaca beans. You can use these to brew your own nourishing tea for feeding your plants, or mixed them into the soil of your garden. Tea Beans are available in small quantities or in bulk. Poo Brew is pre-brewed tea available in liquid form. Just add water and feed to your plants.


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