More About Tea Beans & Poo Brew

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Why use alpaca poo for to enrich your soil?

EARTH-FRIENDLY: Alpacas are gentle creatures. Unlike most livestock, they are light weight (maximum 200 lbs) and their softly padded two-toed feet have very little impact on the ground where they walk. They don’t disrupt the earth or break up the soil. When they eat, alpacas cut grass off with their bottom teeth rather an uprooting plants. This method of grazing actually encourages plant growth. Their three-compartment stomachs are excellent at digestion, utilizing energy efficiently and cutting down on food requirements. In addition, their manure is low nitrogen and will not burn growing plants as they drop their beans.

A PREMIUM SOIL CONDITIONER: Effective for all types of soil, alpaca poo is one of the best methods of conditioning your garden or yard. Mixing alpaca beans with clay soil will loosen the soil and make it more porous. Adding alpaca poo to sandy soil will help it retain moisture.

GREAT FOR INDOOR PLANTS: Alpaca beans are pH balanced, slow release, and low odor. Mix it directly into your potting soil or pour it on as a tea. You can also water seedlings with alpaca tea.

NEIGHBOR-FRIENDLY: The low odor of alpaca beans means you can use them in large quantities without causing a stink in the neighborhood!

(Coming soon: Order your Tea Beans or Poo Brew Today!)